Mini Oral Presentations

Mini-Oral Presentations


The Congress has accepted 12 abstract authors to present a 5-minute ‘mini oral’ presentation to complement their Digital Posters. These presentations will take place during the lunch breaks on Monday 13 March and Tuesday 14 March at the Digital Poster touchscreen kiosks. Scroll down to find a schedule for each day.


Monday 13 March 2023


Time Paper Title Presenting Author Theme
1:20pm #69 – Age-dependent loss of cohesion protection in human eggs Dr Bettina Mihales Aging Oocyte
1:25pm #68 – ART outcomes for men experiencing different forms of male infertility Dr Tony Zhang Andrology and Male Infertility
1:30pm #65 – An assessment of advances in in vitro gametogenesis Dr Emily Frost Novel Concepts or Novel Technology in ART
1:35pm #63 – How well do semen analysis parameters correlate with sperm DNA fragmentation? A retrospective analysis from 2169 semen samples analysed by the HALOTEST Dr Shiao Chuan Chua Andrology and Male Infertility
1:40pm #59 – Efficacy of low intensity micro vibration for in vitro culture of patients who showed low or arrest of embryonic development in previous IVF cycles. Mr Sung Min Jeong Embryo Assessment
1:45pm #76 – Non-invasive metabolic imaging of early embryos using a lab-on-a-chip device Dr Fabrizzio Horta Embryo Assessment


Tuesday 14 March 2023


Time Paper Title Presenting Author Theme
1:00pm #48 – Impact of anecdotal stories of IVF success on continuing IVF treatment: A randomised controlled trial in females from the Australian general population. Dr Verity Chadwick Safety and Quality in ART
1:05pm #46 – A prospective multicenter non-interventional real-world study to assess the pattern of use, effectiveness and safety of follitropin delta in routine clinical practice (the PROFILE study) A/Prof Alex Polyakov Ovarian Stimulation
1:10pm #24 – Morphokinetic parameters of mouse oocyte meiotic maturation and cumulus expansion are not affected by advanced reproductive age Dr Chanakarn Suebthawinkul Aging Oocyte
1:15pm #10 – Analyzing Medical Predictors for Infertility Treatment: A Five-Year Follow-up Survey at the Women’s Hospital of Heidelberg University Ms Lea Joana Stein Reproductive Surgery and Science
1:20pm #7 – Altered Hypoxic response in GLCs of PCOS Prof Rina Meidan Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome
1:25pm #79 – In Vitro Maturation for Fertility Preservation: Clinical Outcomes from a Western Australian Centre. Dr Melanie Walls IVM