Pre Congress Workshops

Pre-Congress Workshops


The 13th Congress of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Medicine Program Committee is pleased to offer Pre-Congress Workshops.

These workshops will run concurrently on Sunday 12 March 2023 from 0800 – 1600. 

Workshop registrations cost AU$275 per person, per workshop and can be added on to Full Congress registrations or as standalone workshop registrations. 

 Note: If you have already registered for the PSRM 2023 Congress and wish to add a workshop, please email the team at 

Workshop ONLY Registration Form

N.B. Registration to the full Congress is not required to purchase a workshop registration.

Morning Workshops

IVM - Sponsored by CooperSurgical
Date Sunday 12 March 2023
Time 0800 – 1200
Lead Facilitator Prof Robert Gilchrist
Presenters Prof Roger Hart
Dr KY Cha
Prof Claus Andersen
Dr Jesus Cadenas
Dr Tuong M Ho
Target Audience IVF specialists, embryologists, scientists
Description This workshop is designed for ART clinicians, embryologists and scientists, with the intention of providing a mix of theory and practical aspects of oocyte in vitro maturation (IVM).  The workshop will include an introduction to the fundamentals of IVM and an update on the latest scientific advances on the biology of maturing an oocyte in vitro. Patient indications for IVM will be examined, including outcomes from different patient types as well as safety outcomes for offspring. The application of IVM into fertility preservation for cancer patients will be presented. Lastly, practical aspects will be discussed of how to blend flexibility between OI/IVM/COS-IVF into a clinical ART program, how to perform an IVM oocyte pick-up, and how to perform IVM in the laboratory.
Reproductive Surgery - Sponsored by Hologic
Date Sunday 12 March 2023
Time 0800 – 1200
Lead Facilitator Prof Jason Abbott
Presenters Dr Danny Chou
Dr Michael Wynn-Williams
Dr Rebecca Deans
A/Prof Anusch Yazdani
Target Audience Clinicians interested in reproductive surgery and improving knowledge and skills in this area

This workshop will focus on the effects of surgery on reproduction and focus in on tubes, ovaries and uterine anomalies. The workshop will give overviews of the evidence and examples of techniques for surgery in each of these areas. This will include literature reviews and video presentations with an opportunity to discuss surgical techniques and rationale for these procedures with our expert panel. Following a hydration break, a hands on hysteroscopic work shop will follow using simulators to focus on local pathology removal and troubleshooting hysteroscopic surgery.

Learning outcomes:
• Describe surgical techniques in different areas of the reproductive system with relevant supporting evidence
• Compare different surgical techniques and their risks and benefits
• Discuss alternatives to surgery for improving reproductive outcomes
• Perform hysteroscopic procedures with efficiency
• Resolve common problems of reproductive surgery

Afternoon Workshops

Male Fertility
Date Sunday 12 March 2023
Time 1300 – 1600
Lead Facilitator Prof Roger Hart

Prof Roger Hart
Prof David Handelsman
Dr Kishani Kannangara
Dr Shannon Kim
A/Prof Geoff de Iuliis

Target Audience Clinicians, scientists and nurses in ART
Description This workshop will attempt to analyse the potential causes underlying male reproductive disorder, medical and surgical measures that maybe undertaken to improve male reproductive capacity, the effects of androgen abuse on male reproductive capacity, and to discuss the potential longer term health effects of impaired male reproductive function.
Safety, Efficacy and AI in ART
Date Sunday 12 March 2023
Time 1300 – 1600
Lead Facilitator Prof Georgina Chambers & Michael Chapman

Dr Manish Banker
Dr Gavin Sacks
Prof Kei Lui
Prof David Coman
Prof Roger Hart
Dr Ashleigh Storr

Target Audience Clinicians, allied health professionals and researchers interested in providing safe and effective ART treatment

The aim of reproductive medicine is to help patients achieve the birth of a healthy child. This simple statement implies two dimensions of care: efficacy and safety.

In this workshop participants will gain current knowledge and have a chance to debate the evidence of balancing these two dimensions. The course aims to provide participants with the following educational outcomes:
• Insights into how safety, efficacy and effectiveness are measured in ART and how such measures drive clinical practice, laboratory procedures and funding.
• An overview of health outcomes of ART conceived children born from difference ART technologies.
• An update on the most recent evidence on the safety and effectiveness of contemporary stimulation protocols, natural killer cells, and PGT.

Date Sunday 12 March 2023
Time 1300 – 1600
Lead Facilitator Dr Antoinette Anazodo
Presenters Dr Antoinette Anazodo
Dr Rachael Rodgers
Dr Giselle Kidson-Gerber
Prof Kate Stern
Dr Rebecca Deans
Dr Yasmin Jayasinghe
Dr Michelle Peate
Target Audience Clinicians with interest in fertility needs of cancer patients
Description This information will be available soon